" About 13 years ago my wife and I rescued a sweet black lab (Sweet Pea) that had a difficult start in life. She was 8 months old and was missing a large piece of cartilage in one knee and her opposite leg developed a significant deformity.  She had an uncaring owner and when I did a free consultation she curled up in my lap and laid her head on my shoulder. I whispered in her ear that I was going to take care of her. A short time later she was ours. After 4 surgeries to improve her quality of life I found Janice Mann to help with her recovery. Janice was compassionate, gentle with her touch and had such an amazing connection with Sweet Pea right off the bat, and Sweet Pea fell in love with her. I have continued to have Janice work on Sweet Pea every other week over all of these years. Now Sweet Pea is approaching 14 and Janiceís magic touch has helped her live a full and active life. "
Dr. Michael Bauer DVM Colorado Canine Orthopedics